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Ponds can be a useful and decorative addition to your residential or commercial property. If you have been "pond"ering an upgrade to your outdoor space, give A&D Excavating a call at 419-934-5663. Proper planning and construction are keys to pond building. Our experts can provide help with soil evaluations, site selection, pond design, and construction. Let A&D Excavating help you create an oasis in your backyard that can be appreciated all year long!

Ponds require less maintenance than grass and can serve a variety of purposes:

• Add aesthetic value to your property
• Support the growth of wildlife
• Recreational ponds are great for things like swimming, fishing, paddling, and ice skating
• Stormwater ponds collect stormwater and release it at a rate that prevents flooding and erosion
• Ponds are an excellent backup source of water in case of a fire. It can take fire departments longer to reach rural locations, and ponds can offer a sense of security to residents
• Farm ponds can be used for flood and erosion control, water supply for livestock

The Ohio Pond Management Handbook is a great resource for owners of new ponds, old ponds, or landowners who plan to build a pond.