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The strength of a building lies in its foundation. Foundations not only support your structure, they can keep out moisture, insulate against the cold, and resist ground changes. For a quality foundation that you can depend on, give our team a call at 419-934-5663.

Gravel Pad


Proper soil preparation is very important when installing a slab foundation. Slab foundations are common for sheds, garages and other buildings. Installation starts with the removal of surface vegetation and topsoil, excavation of high grade areas, surface preparation and fill placement, followed by gravel or concrete. For concrete, contact industry partner Grant Decker.

Crawl Space


Crawl spaces are cheaper than a basement. They give your home a solid foundation, help control moisture levels within, offer additional storage space and can act as storm shelter. A crawl space good alternative to a basement where restrictive soils are present. For example, if you're building site has high concentrations of bedrock, digging through it would be very expensive. A crawl space might be a good option.


Digging a basement is a great way to maximize living space in your home. We specialize in residential basement excavation for homes of any size. We have a wide range of excavating equipment and attachments capable of digging out a cavity to meet your foundation needs. We also offer top soil removal, grading and foundation preparation. Click here for more information.