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A&D Excavating is proud to serve Northcentral Ohio with drainage solutions that are both effective and affordable. We provide a variety of residential and commercial drainage services. If you would like to discuss your drainage needs and schedule an in-person evaluation of your property, call us today!

Farm Tile

A properly installed tile drainage system can increase yields by 15%-25%.


Driveway culverts are used to carry water from one side of your driveway to the other and help prevent erosion and flooding. Farm culverts can be used to divert water or act as a bridge for machinery to pass over.

Driveway Drains

Driveway channel drains collect and convey excess surface water to prevent flooding.

Drainage Ditches

A drainage ditch is a depression in the land created to channel water.

Yard Drains

Yard drains are built directly into the ground in areas that are prone to flooding.

Catch Basin

Catch basins are commonly used to divert water away from the home where gutter downspouts deposit rainwater.

Ditch Dipping

Keeping ditches clean can help eliminate drainage problems. Ditch dipping is done to remove dirt and debris from farm, basement, and down spout water outlets to  ensure that water is being conveyed properly.